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versatility. discovery. growth. wisdom. challenge. guidance. experience. connect. expansion.



My body is a vessel for memory, experience, and sensation… and I want to capture your attention. As a freelancer, I put my heart, time, and energy fully into each project I accompany. I crave and thrive in projects with movement specifically made for film as well as technical, yet conceptual choreographies designed for live performance. I believe that with each professional experience comes significant growth to the individuals involved as well as the greater artistic community.

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As a creator, I follow what excites me: relationships, people, memory, sites, humor, nature, culture and politics. I create to renew. I create to release. I create to reflect. I create to connect my mind with my gut. I create to practice patience. I create because I want to make you think. I create because I need to understand on a deeper level. I create to come home to myself. I create to share my discoveries with my community.



I may be young, but wisdom comes with all ages. I understand that different eyes see different things, therefore different bodies express uniquely different movements. I want to invite you to share the space with me in an inclusive environment. Open your mind to discovering new capabilities and interests. Find and refine your joy of movement. I want to guide you to become your most capable, all-embracing self. Let’s move together and be moved by each other. And if you dare think it- you’re not too old and it’s never too late.



Brittany (Britt) Davis is an American dance artist, originally from Norfolk, Virginia and currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

She is internationally recognized for her versatility as a choreographer, performer, and dance educator. As a contemporary performer, Britt regularly engages in collaborative project work with movement and sound artists, serving as a visual representation through both live and music video performance. Britt regularly gives classes throughout Berlin to movers of all ages and levels, educating the future generations of dance and bringing new mover’s to discover their own creative being. In January 2017, she saw an opportunity to implement the first extracurricular dance program at the Berlin Brandenburg International School. Since, the program has covered ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance, influencing over 75 international growing minds. Britt guides her career with an interest in dance performance, dance & filmmaking, dance photography, and arts in education.

In 2015, Britt moved to Berlin, Germany to attend the Dance Intensive Program at TanzFabrik Berlin. During her time at TanzFabrik, she began performing as a guest with Berlin based choreographer, Chaim Gebber, in Chaim Gebber / Open Scene, and later toured with the company through Germany, Italy, China, and South Korea. During this time, she also began studying German, later achieving B1 sufficiency. Finally in late 2016, Britt was awarded a two-year visa to Freelance in Berlin as a dance artist. Since obtaining her visa, Britt regularly teaches at The Center Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg and at Berlin Brandenburg International School. She has also performed and choreographed with British/Norwegian dance artist Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and singer/songwriter VERA, creating “Layered” for the 2018 Performing Arts Festival Berlin. Most recently, Britt worked with other Berlin creatives for the MONAD performance at the Spirit of Dance Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan under the direction of choreographer Lena Kilchitskaya and musician Merlin Ettore.

Before relocating to Berlin, Britt proudly earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield. In 2015, her dance film, “Eyes Wide Shut”, was featured in the Iron Factory Short Film Festival. Prior to her collegiate years, Britt danced under the direction of Deborah Thorpe at The Governor’s School for the Arts and with TRDance Center under the direction of Todd Rosenlieb in Norfolk, Virginia.