An embodiment of the parallels of memory and experience through music and movement.

In these original scores, we explore the equally desired familiarity of and freedom from our early adolescent priming and the realities of how experience and memory interplay to influence the core of our beings. The result of our identity is a collection of significant experiences, which are now and forevermore merely fragments of memory.

Premiered March 2019 in Berlin

Britt Davis: Movement
Marie Kruttli: Music
Ekaterina Koroleva: Illustration
Salon am Moritzplatz, Berlin, Germany

More performance dates to be announced.



Give take take
I can, can I?
Vines envelope
Squeezing with the power of
Cobra constraints
Open your mouth
So that I may feed you
Wilted dreams and
Blurred memories

(Work in progress)
Duet in collaboration with Whitney Casal
Premiere dates to be announced