Happy New Year!

New Years is a time to reflect and be thankful for memories, people, and experiences that came to be. I wanted to take this time to thank my students, bosses, collaborators, choreographers, friends and family who gave the support necessary to make 2018 a beautiful year.

The pilot collaboration and performance with Anna-Lise Marie Hearn and VERA for VERA’s Record Release Show for the album “Fragile”

- Master Class with my alma-mater The Governor’s School for the Arts as part of their Gala, celebrating 30 years of art’s education in Hampton Roads!

- Movement Photography collaboration with the gorgeous ladies of CDSV Photography in Norfolk, VA
- Movement Photography collaboration with Richmond’s finest SPD Creative

- Creation and premiere of “Layered”, a collaborative choreography with dance artist Anna-Lise Marie Heard and singer/songwriter VERA. This work premiered at K77 in the 2018 Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

- Impulstanz workshops with my best girl (and an amazing dance artist), Whitney Casal, where we met and worked alongside SO many amazing international artists. Such an amazing experience.
- Filming of “Change” music video for VERA. Movement direction and choreography by Anna-Lise Marie Heard and DOP Tim Strecker.

- The beginnings of a collaboration with Marie Kruttli… stay tuned in 2019 for more
- Performed spontaneously for a movement and sound site-specific performance with loudspeaker bodysuits designer by sound artist Katharina Bévand, performed at KINDL- Center for Contemporary Art.

- The AMAZING performance with MONAD group for the Spirit of Dance Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan.
- VISA APPROVED! Two more years in Berlin + permission to work as a dancer and choreographer (finally!)

Photoshoot with the one and only @konaction
- Approved Residency for my first evening-length work with pianist and composer Marie Kruttli at Salon am Moritzplatz
- Release of “Exposed” fashion video by xo.berlin
- Photoshoot with the amazing Hagen of QFTF

- a much needed break.

Bring it on, 2019!